DIBCOIN Announces the Purchase of Rx Smart Coffee

Baltimore, MD. July 25, 2017, Honson Luma announces today the acquisition of Rx Smart Coffee Inc. (RXSC), a Delaware registered Company, using DIBCOIN (DIBC) as the sole currency in making the purchase. This is the first time that cryptocurrency has been used to acquire a real company with real assets.

As featured in Forbes Business and Black Business Review, the effectiveness of Rx Smart Coffee’s (five) 5 blends pleasantly surprised both doctors and customers alike with great results and great testimonials from coast to coast. This once small coffee company formulated their first blend to help David Miller, the founder and (now president of Rx Smart Coffee recover from prostate surgery. He named it “Gentlemen’s Blend”.

Miller stated that “It was my bout with prostate cancer and my wife Stephanie’s bout with some intestinal problems that led us to the current coffee products we now produce. It was only after my prostate surgery that I discovered the vast void of truly effective natural products designed to aid and support men recovering from prostate cancer.” For the most part, at that time men had only the option of Viagra and other similar prescription medications, stated Miller.

Manufactured in an FDA certified factory, RXSC has sold over a million cups of coffee and stands by the potency of every cup. After the fame and success of Gentlemen’s Blend, the coffee company produced four (4) additional blends equally as effective as the first. The names of the blends are Thin Blend, Beautiful Mind, Heart Smart and Fresh Breeze. Designed for coffee lovers seeking wellness and healthy lifestyles, RXSC addresses weight loss, mental alertness, heart health and premenstrual cramping and heat flashes. The testimonials speak for themselves.

Source- https://supplementpolice.com/rx-smart-coffee/

Having more than 10 different herbs per blend, obtained the assistance…

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Source: http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/07/26/dibcoin-announces-purchase-rx-smart-coffee/

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