RxSmartCoffee Token Will Launch on GBCAX Exchange

The global block chain exchange (referred to as: G); founded by several large coffee coin ring joint, will list RxSmartCoffee Token in May of 2018. An exact date has not been release as of yet. But stay tune for the trading opening date!  

The global stock exchange block chain is committed to creating one of the most outstanding blockchain digital asset trading platform, through the efforts of the team for the two generation of virtual currency we selected safety and has investment value, so that everyone can be in here for a safe, stable and high-quality trading experience. The most professional digital currency and block chain portal in the world has accumulated the most comprehensive and accurate data analysis in the industry, providing price preview of digital currency, one click trading, market warning, super wallet and other services. There is also a professional team that provides the latest information in the industry.

The global block chain exchange using stable tokens of value USDT as currency price measure, the highest level of encryption, user behavior intelligent detection system, multistage high sensitive operations audit, distributed architecture design, business and database service and multiple backup, failure second reply, the greatest degree of assurance of account security.

We are pleased that we will be one of the first U.S Blockchain Company listed on GBCAX Exchange in China!


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    Tasted the coffe from a friend, and fell in love with it. Kindly advise where it can be purchased

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    I want this product to buy please. I live in new york. Please help me buy…


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