The Rx Smart Coffee ICO Report (11/06/17)

RxSmartCoffee Token ICO Oct. 06, 2017

BALTIMORE, MD., Oct. 05, 2017 (Core Media Group News) — Rx Smart Coffee, Inc. announces today that it has posted the official Rx Smart Coffee ICO Report on  for the upcoming ICO on October 6, 2017 on it’s website to allow transparency to existing and potential investors of Rx Smart Coffee Inc. and Distributor/Reseller/Associate on our system.

The Rx Smart Coffee ICO Report explains the best possible practices and methods for using  Rx Exchange and the WavesDEX while participating in the ICO. This ICO Reports is a public informational tool for both Rx Smart Coffee and Space Age Investment Group and Distributors, to ensure compliance with financial regulators in our jurisdiction. Using these best practices for our ICO, will help us achieve the success that is required in the issuance of RXSC Token to the public.

In addition to the information available on, the Company will start posting tutorial videos on YouTube, Facebook and on other Social Media to further assist and educate Distributor/Reseller/Associate on our system.

About Rx Smart Coffee

Rx Smart Coffee is primarily an ecommerce company. It was founded in 2013, and designed with a goal to become the market leader in internet sales of naturopathic and homeopathic coffee products. The company is headquartered in Glenn Dale, Maryland. Overcoming any preconceived notions about the effectiveness of multi-level marketing, Rx Smart Coffee equipped itself to put those notions to rest through building an easily accessible website and efficient distribution system using digital currencies to fuel its ecommerce platform.

As featured in Forbes Business and Black Business Review, the effectiveness of Rx Smart Coffee’s (five) 5 blends pleasantly surprised both doctors and customers alike with great results and great testimonials from coast to coast. This once small coffee company formulated their first blend to help David Miller, the founder and (now president of Rx Smart Coffee recover from prostate surgery. He named it “Gentlemen’s Blend”.


Company name: Rx Smart Coffee Inc.

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Company contacts:

Honson Luma, CEO of Rx Smart Coffee Inc.

David Miller, President of Rx Smart Coffee Inc.

Percy Square, Esq, Patent Attorney

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Rx Smart Coffee ICO Report

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    Someone took my package of coffees from my vestibule. How can I get it replaced? I’ve filed with the USPS today. The package was delivered 9/22 but I just found out today that someone took it. Will someone contact me?

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      Greetings Cheryl,

      We are sorry to hear that. We will have someone call you to assist you.

      Rx Team


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